Heat Stress & Thirst Quenchers

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  • OSHA Renews Alliance with International Window Cleaning Association

    Together they have developed resources for the window cleaning industry, and IWCA has supported OSHA outreach campaigns such as the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction, Safe + Sound Campaign, and the Heat Illness Prevention Campaign, while also providing training to its members on the new requirements for OSHA’s Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems standard.

  • Oregon OSHA Offers Wildfire Smoke and Heat Stress Tips

    With multiple wildfire across the state, the agency has posted tips for indoor air quality concerns, respiratory protection (including voluntary use), and heat stress prevention.

  • NOAA, OSHA: Watch Out for Excessive Heat

    The National Weather Service and OSHA have partnered to increase awareness for outdoor workers and their employers during excessive heat events, with NWS incorporating specific outdoor worker safety precautions when heat advisories and warnings are issued. OSHA and Department of Labor again are reminding employers and workers this week to take precautions to protect themselves before a heat wave begins.

  • Coping with the Heat

    Providing adequate amounts of cool, potable water for employees and encouraging them to drink water frequently is another recommended practice—a recommendation so important that it is required by the California heat illness prevention regulation.

  • The Dangers of Heat Stress

    Fans improve safety during the hottest months of the year.

  • Roofing Company Cited After Worker Dies on Third Day on the Job

    The laborer suffered a heat stroke.


  • Sqwincher Hot Stik - Hot Electrolyte Replacement Beverage

    Sqwincher Hot Stik - Hot Electrolyte Replacement Beverage

    Introducing Sqwincher HOT STIK, a hot electrolyte replacement beverage from Sqwincher that helps keep you protected from the effects of intense cold and dehydration. Each great tasting flavor option is filled with essential electrolytes, minerals and vitamins to help to stimulate the body and keep it protected during increased exposure to the cold. Sqwincher Hot Stik is designed to be consumed as a hot beverage and contains 3 grams of carbs and 10 calories per 8 oz. serving. Hot Sticks are available in Apple Cider, Green Tea and Orange Spice flavors and are packaged 10 sticks per tube.


  • Safety Matters Express -- August Edition

    While staying cool and getting a machine to do the heavy lifting can keep workers happy, it's still a good idea to toss in a few extra perks. Confused? Magid's Safety Matters Express will explain it all. Get useful safety tips from its August 2017 fast and fun video!

  • Deb Is Shining a Light on Sun Protection

    A survey reveals that only 18 percent of outdoor workers always wear sunscreen at work, and Deb is looking to change that. Deb Group is proactively campaigning to raise awareness of the risks associated with UV exposure to those who spend a significant amount of time outside as part of their job. For more information, visit info.debgroup.com/sun-home-us.

  • Cool Stuff Being Made: Refractories

    This July 2011 NAMvideo, part of the Cool Stuff Being Made series from the National Association of Manufacturers, explains how refractories work. For more information about them, visit http://refractoriesinstitute.org/index.htm.